Couple of places to promote your transport business

As I am working on my website in order to promote it a little, I’ve come across a few websites that seem pretty good.  I will slowly expand this posts as a I have time, but I figure that others are having the same issue/challenge so it makes sense to share experiences and success stories along the way.  Here is my list of places that seem to help at least a little

Business sites – this belongs to Google and is integrated into their Local Search Results, it is quick and easy to build a mini site using their tools and it seems to get a little attention at least via Google Maps so worthwhile just for that at least.

Reddit – I only use this social media site now and Twitter all the others seem to be more personal use aimed whilst these two seem really to work for me at least. a sort of questions and answers type of site now but any post in there seems to give a boost to your site so it is worth exploring ways to get your site mentioned as part of a reply.

No doubt there will be very many more in the future so I will come back and update as and when I have time.


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