Free company information great for monitoring your transport sector customers

With all the uncertainty around at the moment it is not surprising to hear rumours going around the industry of companies in trouble and near to insolvency, we could all do without bad debts but how to keep a track on competitors and suppliers to ensure we can all monitor the market and protect our businesses whilst at the same time be open and aware of opportunities that may present to buy competitors at a good price or at least pick up some of their customers if the chance presents itself.

We use a service called Reporting Accounts which is offers is a free service with all 4.1million UK companies listed together with information about their financial position, directors, shareholders and other useful information.  They use data from companies house and around 14 others sources of information including domain name data, web traffic.  The data presented is basic at present though we understand that an enhanced version of their site will shortly go live with more detailed data including graphs and other great and helpful data.

Additonally they are working on their own credit rating type of system, so if you are currently not using any service at all or paying for a competitor then consider their service as mentioned it is free and of real benefit to understand the position of other companies.

The pressures in the Transport and logistics market are many at present, almost a couldron of costs as some commentators are saying, the living wage, auto-enrolment, apprentice levy and if that lot were not enough business rates have also hit due the depot structures of many of the players in this niche.

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