How to promote your transport business for free

Promoting a transport and logisitics business is an ongoing task, word of mouth / reputation is oftent he most effective way, followed by telesales/field sales teams, but as with other industries increasingly the on-line world is a great method of increasing attention.   There are load sharing websites around which mean you can buy or sell load space for example a lorry may be returnin from Devon to Birmingham empty otherwise but you can offer the load space to auction and choose to accept or reject any offers, as the journey is being made anyway to delivery your outward freight it is a contribution to profit.

The other method of course is to have your own website and promote it in such a way as to get leads which your team can then convert into sales.  We write content and post it on this website and other popular sites around the web, each article we write includes a link back to our main site, these links count as votes and the sites with the best quality votes gets promoted upwards towards page one on the search engines.

Of course there is more to it than just that but the concept is simply, write interesting unique and high quality content and visitors will read what you have written and want to learn more, if just a trickle of these reach down to your site it is a winner and if the sites you publish on are professional publishing sites high quality and free then its a no brainer!

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